Academy Team/Saturday cricket

Having entered the league this year, sadly over the last two weeks, we have been unable to raise a team and have conceded the fixture.

There are many reasons why this has happened, this is a rallying call to support Mark as Captain and Sean, who organises the team.

Many of our U15/16 players benefit enormously with this exposure, look at some of the performances this year?

Can you please commit over the next few weeks to 1/2 matches?

Looking forward we need to make sure that the cricket offered is the correct content for our young players. This is particularly important for our 15-17 year old players.  I hear, the general view is 40 overs on a Saturday is too long for many?

There are solutions to this, but we need to hear from you the players and parents, what sort of cricket will keep you playing, format and when?

I would appreciate any observations and comments you may have.

This will assist greatly in our planning for next season.

Look forward to seeing most of you on Thursday.



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