U13 Match report v Stirlands

Please find a match report from Steve.  My apologies to you all for not being able to stay and manage the team, my thanks to Steve for stepping in.
Stirlands v Middleton U13

On a windy evening at Westbourne House the game for sometime looked in doubt, this due to players traveling from athletic meetings & a road accident.
The game eventually got underway with Christian opening the bowling on the all weather surface. Stirlands got off to the perfect start scoring 18 runs off the 1st over with and enormous 6 disappearing over a building!
Harry opening from the other end started with a great over removing Beale only conceding 5 runs.
Christian finished his 2nd over only conceding 5 runs with a good come back.
Charlie next up & with Barker & Gadsby both now see the ball well had a job to contain them going for 17 in his 2 overs.
With Barker now retired thankfully Monty & Ozzy were up & both bowling very tight & when Ozzy removed the dangerous Gadsby with a tame shot to mid-on Middleton made a recovery with the run rate up to nearly 10 an over. Monty with figure of 7-0 & Ozzy 6-1 Middleton we have a mini fight back.
Next up Remi & Sam P again both bowling a great line & length continuing to reduce the run rate Remi 0-6 & Sam 0-6 very impressive!
Alex & Ben continued to try & keep things tight with Alex picking up a wicket 10-1 with Ben having the pace of his bowling punished a little more with an amount of misfortune ending with 21-0. Sam Green finishing off with 1-13 with a stumping off the final ball.
Stirlands setting a very strong 131.
Middleton started their inning after much debate about who didn’t wanted to open! When watching the very quick Gadsby I could see why. Charlie & Ozzy set about their way in the 1st over scoring 6 runs looking very comfortable.
Next over 1st ball hit for 4 all good 10 on the board after 7 balls….next ball Ozzy getting a leading edge caught at mid wicket. Next up Murray 1st ball 4! 2nd ball edge Gadsby stuck out a hand and it stuck at 1st slip.
Next over Gadsby’s 2nd & the really devastating over started Charlie running himself out taking a single straight to mid wicket. Then with very accurate quick bowling removed Sam G Ben & Harry in 4 balls bowled! The game was effectively over losing 6 wickets in an amazing 10 balls.
Sam P next to fall run out.
Monty next out caught shortly followed by Alex with Remi unfortunately not to face as the game was complete, Middleton all out 31
A disappointing result in a match where Stirlands top players all preforming to the best of their ability & also getting the rub, when a Stirlands player edged the ball it when for 4 & Middleton to a pair of Stirlands players hands.
We still have a 2nd game at home against them to put things right.

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