U14 Match report from Martin…

Thanks to everyone who participated today in what turned out to be a very entertaining game. My thanks to all players, helpers and supporters.

A chilly start to the day but at least the rain stayed away long enough for us to play the match.

Middleton won the toss and elected to field.

We used 10 bowlers, each having two overs each (Jonny, Ben P, Ellie, Sam P, Ozzy, Ben M, Sam G, Rocco, Harry and Tom).

Three wickets taken in all, shared equally between Ellie (1-13, c&b), Rocco ( 1-10, bowled) and Ben M (1-15, caught).

Chichester finished their innings 123-3 with Owen Spicer and Shiv having retired on 26 and 25 respectively.

At the half way point in the innings of Middelton, we were 42-3 and looked in trouble. The strength in depth of the batting led us to finishing 112-5, losing by just 11 runs.

A special mention to the U13 and U12 players playing with us today and the contribution they made, really appreciated. It was particularly pleasing to hear/see the encouragement being given by all involved.

Congratulations to Ben Mackley, retiring on 28.

Tom Robinson (c), 2

Zak Cogger (wk), 17

Harry Leaver, 7

Ben Purkis, 2

Ben Mackley, 28, retired

Rocco Gamblin, 18 NO

Sam Green, 21

Ozzy Rishman, 0 NO

A special mention and my personal thanks to Paul for Umpiring with a fantastic evasive manoeuvre at square and Claire for scoring, luckily using scorebook and pencil; the scoring app used by Chi crashed!

Enjoy the Bank Holiday. I look forward to seeing you all again soon.


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