Match report SJCF 12 day 3

Match report for Middleton U12 vs west chiltington- at Amberley. July 27th 2016

As we swept the rabbit droppings from the crease and smelt the full aroma of silage, we knew that we were playing in a country setting…good afternoon Amberley. 
West chilt won the toss and elected to bat. We had reviewed the bowling and batting stats and decided on the ‘will and dill’ show to open. Will took the first over and an instant breakthrough,a smart catch.  Another quick wicket and they were 2 down for not very much. A run out from a cool headed piece of fielding and 3 down in no time. Dill was unlucky without a wicket thus far as he had contained batsmen from the other end. But it was will to strike again, a smart ball outside off stump and a good catch from Harry at slip. Once this pair had completed they were 4 down for just 20 runs. Blimey, we hadn’t expected that!
Harry and Rocco the next bowling pair. These two batsmen are digging in and trying to stem the tide of wickets. Wicket 5, Harry trapping him lbw. Then it’s Sam green replacing Rocco from the other end.
Can you imagine how excited the boys were? It was like a team of boys having feasted on blue smarties for an hour..
Sam green strikes in his first over, batsman playing on having been deceived by some good spin bowling. Another tidy Harry over and Sam back on to bowl for his second over. Further deception. A top edge and a dolly for the keeper. Over 17, just 43 runs and 7 wickets down. Mention for Will Fountain, he ended with figures of 4 wickets for just 11 runs off of 5 overs,top stuff. Marcus, ben and Sam p to have a bowl and the wickets keep tumbling. Sam bagged two, Marcus one and Ben unlucky to strike as he bowled good fast stuff. Tomorrow will be his day I am sure. West Chilt were all out for just 85 by over 25. It all happened so quickly Liza had to sprint into the clubhouse with Caroline to set the boys tea. A great tea it was too. 

Middleton in to bat. Chasing 86 to win. Harry and Sam p maintain their opening batting position. Two fours off the first two balls from Harry, clearly ignoring his fathers advice completely. At 5 overs down we were 45 for no wicket…dream time. We reached over 10 and these two had already posted 70 runs. They had ridden their luck and Paul had enjoyed some new sledges from the West Chilt field. A new one was ‘ this guy has managed more edges than a triangle’! Quite funny really. 

And then the game changed. In line with Middleton’s policy of ensuring that every player contributes then we adjusted the batting line up. We retired both Sam and Harry on 12 and 33 respectively, their batting averages will benefit from that. Kyan and Dill batted next. Kyan had not bowled and this was Dill’s last match of the week. Kyan was caught, Dill was bowled and neither had troubled the scorers. Mackenzie in next, another player who hadn’t had chance to bowl,but had fielded well. Two balls and out, followed by Rocco. Chasing a spun ball he too fell.

Over 15, 83 runs scored and 4 wickets down. I had asked higher order batsmen to concede and to move down the order to make way for those players in need of time in the middle. 6 overs and 4 wickets falling I don’t mind saying that my nerves were shredded. Will and Marcus had got us within touching distance of our win. Quite the biggest ‘heave Ho’ from will was his undoing,more drama still. Ben Mackley in with Marcus and thankfully they steered us home. By 5.45 we enjoyed the garden of the George and dragon in Amberley, mush needed sustenance.
A wonderful,wonderful win from an extraordinarily young side. I think this keeps us in the race. Stirlands at home tomorrow and a very different side. We must win and I know the boys will strain everything to do it. Back to Middleton,which will be so welcome for the travelling fans.

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