U12 SJCF First day report

Thanks to Richard Leaver for the following report.

Match report Monday July 25th 2016: Middleton vs Findon away.
Msc established 1920 and some of our players established as recently as 2005, great testament to our history. A settling team talk from Paul and we took to the field, batting first having won the toss. Phoenix and Charlie opening. A settling 4 flicked off of phoenix’s legs and we were away. Drew took the second over for Findon, a Western  Warriors captain and a quick bowler. Charlie settled really well and began to build an innings. 7 overs for 57 runs and no wickets down.
Phoenix fell first, clean bowled for 13. Charlie went next on 40, a top edge catch at cover,bowling from Archie, another Western Warrior. A shame as he was looking restrained and controlled, well played. Plenty of time for your 50 this week. Sam green and Murray looked to push the score along. They looked well set, having pushed us along to 121 for just 3 wickets, and only 15 overs played. Such a solid start. Murray looked good for his 18 runs. Bowled out but a good effort.
Harry enters…first ball Beamer which he smacks in the air straight to cover for an easy catch…but it’s a no ball! Only 2 more deliveries faced and then clean bowled. Short innings without troubling the scorers. Certainly worth a conversation on the way home! Marcus Nelmes next. Run rate slowed a little but still 151 for 4 off just 17 overs.
Drinks!! 189 for 5. Sam green retired on 31 in order for us to give the whole team a bat,very sporting. Ben Mackley joins the fray…lovely 4 through extra cover.
200 up! Marcus retired on 25, a smart innings from our youngest player today. Sam Patterson in. Quick 15 from Ben proved useful and in came Rocco for a few lively balls. Final score 231 for 7 off 30 overs, overs to spare but more overs as targets for wickets. All will become clear. 82 extras conceded by Findon, let’s hope we don’t surpass that stat.

38 overs given to Findon to reply to our total of 231. Sun very much still shining and both teams prepared for the battle. It took 8 overs for the first wicket to fall, a tense time for an expectant crowd. Rocco the first to breakthrough,giving the ball some air, bringing the batsman forward and a smart stumping from Murray. Another over and another wicket, this time Charlie. Good and fast and one of their best batsmen caught behind by Murray. Rocco back from other end and another wicket, the crowd go wild, this time clean bowled. The bowling was shared around in order to give everyone a great ‘Festival experience’. It worked. 10 bowlers bowled and 5 of them took wickets. Mention to Kate and Rocco with 2 each. It was the variation between pace and spin that made things interesting,kept the batsman keen. The spirit amongst the boys was tremendous.

Over number 30. Only 113 runs scored and 6 wickets down. 8 overs to go with no challenge in terms of runs, simply wickets needed. Kate fixed a great clean bowled, Sam Patterson a useful 3 overs including a wicket maiden. Over 36 and Alex Morley gave the ball some great air and enticed the batsman to at least play rather than block. A sublime delivery bowling the batsman behind his legs, a whiff of Shane Warne about that one!
By this time Middleton literally had everyone around the bat and the energy was at fever pitch. Kate with another clean bowled with great pressure built through our crowding of the players, the opposition umpire having to ask a number of players to step backwards… Fat chance! Last wicket stand for the last two overs and we just couldn’t shift that last wicket. Well played Findon for blocking out but well done Middleton for exciting pressure building.
Middleton take a winning draw and some healthy batting points into tomorrow. Here we go for Worthing Chips and some old adversaries.


A brilliant team effort with Findon holding on bravely to deny us a victory.


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