Message from the MSC Board

Non – Members Parents Playing Tennis

The Board would like to remind everyone that non-members must pay a guest fee to use the sports facilities at Middleton. Non – members (including parents) can pay a guest fee for up to 8 times a year.
It has become apparent in recent times that some parents who are not members are playing on the Tennis courts with their child without paying a fee. Checks will now be taking place to ensure that this practice does not continue.
A guest fee is £5 per adult / £2 per child. Please sign in using the visitors book in the bar and pay the guest fee (£5 per adult / £2 per child) to the bar / office, if open. At times when they are unmanned, please use the honesty box by the bar entrance.
Please can we also ensure that the correct attire is being worn when playing Sport at Middleton. Jeans etc are not seen as appropriate sports clothing.
Thanks in advance for your support with this matter.
The MSC Board


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