U15 Players, Middleton Colts

Good afternoon,

I am keen that we give this small group of players as much exposure as possible.

I am sure some will be keen to play Academy matches on a Saturday, however the coaching team strongly feel they need more opportunity than this and the SJCF in the summer holidays, when will enter an U16 team.( Mark has agreed to manage this squad).

Mark Dawling is the age group manger, however the fixtures for this age group are midweek, scheduled for a Wednesday, but can be changed to suit both teams. Mark is unable to commit to the management of these mathes.

These players will be supported by our strong U14 group, but with all U15 players who are available being selected in the first instance.

To ensure that this group of committed players, over many years, receive plenty of cricket, we are in need of a volunteer manager, please give this every consideration, this is vital to the development of our player pathway.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who is willing to assist.

Thanks for reading this



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