Middleton Colts. Volunteers

Due to the increase in participation numbers, the colts section is in need of further volunteers.

We ae looking to re-organise the administration, by splitting responsibilities into the relevant age group squads.

It is likely the League structure will move to  double age groups 0f U11, U13, U15, with two levels of entry at each age group.

It is hoped we can find managers for each of the age groups and for each age group to be supported by an administrator.

U9 matches are likely to be on a festival basis, perhaps once a month. Sadly this summer a number of u10 matches were cancelled due to a lack of volunteers to run the matches.

By breaking the workload down, this will make the task more manageable and allow for a closer monitoring of  our activities and improve opportunities for all our members.

It will also assist in ensuring the colts section has a succession of volunteers, for the year’s ahead

For the season 2016, we will not enter teams into any league, without a committed volunteer team of Manager/Administrator.

This is an  early notification and it gives you time to see what you can offer.

A more detailed outline will be communicated soon, with volunteer responsibilities.

Any further information required, please contact Brian or Carmen

Look forward to seeing you all next Sunday at the presentation event.



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