Todays cricket at Middleton Cancelled.

Sadly, there has been further heavy rain at Middleton this morning.

The cricket square is saturated.

We are unable to put on any meaningful activity, such a shame. A whole week without any cricket, thankfully many have had cirkcte in the leagues and during the U12 SJCF.

For those looking at the SJCF Playcricket website.

We did not concede the match, V Findon. John was  informed the conditions were too wet,  an early cancellation was agreed, with their manager.

Subsequently the result has been entered as conceded by Middleton, which reflects poorly on our club,  also it may affect the league placings and finalists.

This is totally incorrect and communications are in place with all clubs this affects and the SJCF committee.

Hope to see many of you at the club for the first team game on Saturday, and remember we are playing at Hove in the county T20 finals on Sunday, both matches v Preston Nomads



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