What you have been waiting for..Day 5 U12’s SJCF, enjoy

U12 festival week. Day 5 vs Goring at Middleton.
The travelling ‘festival army’ were happy to be on home turf for this the last day of an excellent festival week. Sunshine,tennis in the background,joking with teammates and generally a happy scene. Peroni and the occasional Merlot easing spectators into position. 
The decision was taken to retire our batsman at 50, the target was set. Thomas and Owen opened and the bowling looked manageable for both. Thomas fell to a triple bouncing ball,unlucky. Owen pushed boundaries and singles and pushed onto yet another 50, a great week for Owen. Newcomer to the festival week (but not to our league matches) Johnny Lye stepped up. A little excitable at the outset but settling down he picked off bad balls well. He too went to 50,great stuff. You can’t keep a ‘Maginnis’ out of the game and Charlie set about his task as though he had an appointment elsewhere. 4,s,6,s and just the one single bringing his 50. Monty to the crease,expectation swelled. Sure enough he straight drove,missed the odd one, but always looked like scoring the maximum. Zak had been in and out but the runs kept coming. Monty for another Middleton 50. Harry and Sam green were desperate to push on the run rate. 13 for Harry and 0 for Sam but both carried their bats as Middleton declared on 248 for 2 after only 24 overs. Sporting. 
Another great tea, enough for three teams and completely delicious. Back to the field. Great to see Ellie and Ben P opening the bowling, the team supporting every ball. 48 for 5 after 17 overs. Ellie a clean bowled, Sam a caught and bowled and a great opportunity for everyone to take their chance. In the end the wickets were shared around,as has been the spirit all week. Zak,Thomas,Sam,Ben P all with two wickets each and Marcus thoroughly deserving his wicket,spinning furiously. Goring were restricted to just 59 with the entire Middleton team appealing for most balls in the last overs! Ben Purkis taking the last wicket,clean bowled. Middleton win.
John, thanks from us all for coaching,patience and a very English sense of fair play. To all involved in teas,supporting,taxi service and post match counseling we salute you. Until this time next year…

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