MIddleton Colts winter training

Good evening,

Finally, I am able to confirm our arrangements.

It will be a more restricted programme this winter, we are missing a number of key coaches at various times.

A number of issues have been taken into account, including preferred day, venue and coach availability.


Mondays at The Littlehampton Academy.
Commence 19th January until 16th February. 5 weeks.

U11/12/13/14 and invited u10 players for hard ball training. Invited players will be contacted.

Coaches Brian, Will, John and managers.

Wednesdays at Arundel Castle Indoor Cricket School.
Commence 21st January until  April.

Extra hard ball training. Age and experience to be considered, when offering places.

Coach Will Burrows and assistants. When TLA sessions finish, Brian will also be in attendance

Wednesdays at The Littlehampton Academy.

530-7pm January 21st until 18th February. 5 weeks


Soft ball training, skills and games.

Coach Brian Towner and assistants.


Please take time to look at what is on offer and select when you would like to attend.

A reply is required so I can make appropriate arrangements.

The cost per session will be £4. Full payment on the first week of training if possible.

I am hopeful that closer to the season we are able to get some further space at the indoor facilities, I appreciate that 5 weeks is not a huge amount of time, but we are restricted to what’s available.


Please let me know asap.


Merry Christmas and Happy New year to everyone, have a great time. (Remember your fitness is important)!







One response to “MIddleton Colts winter training

  1. Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the update re: winter training.

    Lewis Faint would like to attend the Monday sessions.



    Sent from my iPad


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