Message from Brian Towner… Phil Hughes Australian Cricketer.

No doubt we have all heard of the tragic incident in Australia and fatal injury received by the Australian Batsman Phil Hughes.

The cricket family as one is thinking of Phil, his family and also the bowler Sean Abbot.

At this sad time, we must not only think of Phil, but also reassure parents and players, that any contact sport contains an element of risk.

This was a freak incident, the ball striking an area not protected by the helmet. There is continuing development of equipment and this may bring about changes.

The incident highlights the need for all equipment to be checked and ensure it is appropriate for the player.

Parents please be assured that our coaches and managers do all they can to minimise any risk.

If you are considering purchasing equipment then please seek advice, to ensure everything fits well, the coaches are only too pleased to help.

Phil, I am sure would not want any young player to stop playing the game, he loved.

We at Middleton CC will do all we can to answer any concerns you may have.

Brian Towner
Director of Coaching
Middleton CC


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