Colts Season ahead. Help required.

Good morning,

The colts season starts at full pace this weekend.
Unfortunately, already we have had to cancel an U9 match on Saturday.

One of my major concerns at this time, is managing the growth of the junior section and having sufficient volunteers to manage the teams.

The section has grown considerably over the last 5 years.

We are fortunate in having a great team of unpaid coaches and a few very committed team managers/organisers
As mentioned at the first training night, we really need to find some more parents to assist with running the matches, at u9/10/11.

Matches are the key to our players, developing their skills and love of the game.

Generally theses matches are pairs cricket and very informal, ensuring everyone gets a chance to bat and bowl.

We require people willing to manage, umpire and score. You do not need cricket experience and we are able to help and support you.

Many volunteers continue and take coaching qualifications and become scorers and umpires.

We offer a fantastic club for our young cricketers, if we could find a few more parents to assist, this will take huge pressure of the few who do so much.

Please give this your best consideration and I can answer any questions you may have.



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