Message from Matt Hansford Club Chairman.

Next weekend, 5th/6th April, we have Cricket force weekend. This is a vital few days for the cricket section and I hope that you all can pop down for a morning or afternoon or even just a few hours, there are plenty of things to do e.g.:

· Paint furniture, sightscreens, fences and squash court walls

· Varnishing slip cradle

· cleaning the nets

· spring cleaning changing rooms (and painting where needed)

· clearing under hedges

· preparing/tidying the ground

I am sure there will be other things we will find as we go along.

It is a huge amount of work for just a few, but if we get everyone down it is very manageable.

I am sure we are all proud of our club, let’s all put a bit of effort into helping it look as good as it can.

Times are 9-5 on both days


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