U11 SJCF, players required

Please can you do all you can to support this U11 week.

We are short of numbers most days.

Some of our U9 players are perfectly capable of playing in this team, if you are not sure please contact me directly on brian.towner@btinternet.com




U14 SJCF day 2 report, majestic edited version!

Festival 2018 Day Two

Yesssssss, Stirlands!! Love it. The old enemy, and we are playing back at glorious Middleton.

Middleton field first, which is what we wanted. Harry ‘the bull’ Leaver first over, second ball Wicket, terrific start. Charlie ‘the beast’ Maginnis from the other end, clean bowled ball 5, get in. The boy, the legend that is James Barker strided manfully to the crease, his reputation of a century from yesterday wielding about him like a batting halo. The boys looked focused,key wicket this one. He and William Beale (son of the coach) pushed on taking the total to 34,looking controlled. A Bellamy/Chadwick combination had taken over and looked good, Fin getting clunked for a couple of cleanly hit four’s but nothing to worry about,getting interesting.
Miscommunication ensued in Fin’s third over. Beale stranded at the keepers end when he needed to be back at the bowlers end. Ever the astute cricketer it was Carter who sprinted to the ball, glove off, super throw to the bowlers end and still time to shout “take ‘em” when Fin dismisses the bails and Beale was gone. Three balls later his energy reached a new level, the legend of Barker was simply no more…clean bowled Chadwick for 23. Stirlands 38 for 4 off 12 overs. Amazing.
As is the Middleton way, everyone bowled. Briggs with a wicket maiden, Ashberry with a wicket maiden. But we had spin at both ends for an excellent period, Green and Ashworth in tandem. Much too good for Stirlands, Green with two and Ashworth with one. Stirlands all out for just 89,a beautiful thing.

An incredible Middleton tea taken outside and then the fun began again. Mackley and a pumped Chadwick to open. Ben bowled through the gate and Fin thumping a couple of fours before Barker had returned the favour on him with a clean bowled for 14. Bellamy in,looking good but falling lbw for 11 off a low ball. Middleton 29 for 3 from 11 overs. Not again…?

At this point James Barkers father arrived, expecting a huge Stirlands score and ready to settle in. Discussions with manager ensued,  I watched his face contort as he received the unpleasant news.  They had assessed the situation and together reached for the rule book. IF…play was called off for rain (it was not raining at this stage) before the first 20 overs were bowled then a split of points would be shared and Stirlands would rescue themselves. Well, in a mad fusion of combined grey hairs they appeared to call up rain, almost god like , from the skies. If they could have rain danced they would have. Hilarious. Ultimately the rain passed, Phoenix and Murray played sublimely and the final four reached the boundary and triggered an emphatic victory.

Middleton win in great style. West Chilt on Thursday, hope to see you there